Latest News Your Guide to Swimming Pool Heater Servicing

Your Guide to Swimming Pool Heater Servicing

6 March 2020
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Your Guide to Swimming Pool Heater Servicing

The heater for your swimming pool is responsible for maintaining the ideal water temperature within your pool.
Enduring your pool heater is maintained properly is one of many jobs our plumbers from Ignite Facilities can help with.

For our latest blog, we are going to share a simple guide to help save unnecessary costs, prevent damage and ensure your pool heater is working for years to come.

Pool Heater Maintenance

Pool heaters are one of the most complicated areas that relate to the operation of your swimming pool. Any repairs that are needed should be carried out by a qualified plumber, such as Ignite Facilities.
In order to prevent malfunctions or any other issues, all pool heaters should –

• Have regular inspections of the pool heater’s burner intake ports and any debris removed
• Check burners for fraying or corrosion and if there are signs of either then the burners need replacing
• Clean your filter regularly, as heaters require a steady flow of water through the pool filter to run properly
• Ensure the pool skimmer is clean and unobstructed

Understanding Gas Pool Heaters

Gas heaters are the most common type of pool heater that is powered by natural gas or propane tanks.
To prevent malfunctions or other issues with your gas pool heater you should –

• Regularly wash the tanks down to get rid of debris, such as spider webs, so it does not clog the burner openings
• Regular checks of the gas supply
• Use liquid dish soap and a warm water solution to check pipes for leakages. Spray the solution on the pipe joints and if any bubbles emerge, your pipes need repairing or replaced immediately.

Identifying Issues with Electrical Pool Heaters

Electrical pool heaters use heating elements to heat your pool as over time elements can become covered by minerals that will reduce efficiency and lead to increased pool heating costs.
You can carry out these essential maintenance tasks –

• Clean occasionally by removing the element from the heater and scrub using a wire brush
• If the heater does not seem to be working, check the mains power supply and check if the breaker dedicated to your pool heater has tripped

When pool heaters are installed, they should be installed on a non-combustible material such as concrete which must have clearance around and above it. If the pool is based outside, you will need to keep tree branches at least four feet away.

Saving Energy on your Pool Heater

Purchasing an energy-efficient pool heater model will help you to save on maintenance costs.
Here are some tips to make the best use of your swimming pool heater –

• Installing a thermometer in your pool will monitor the most comfortable temperature of the pool
• We would recommend keeping the heater set to its lowest comfortable temperature, as having it turned up to its maximum will not affect the time it takes to heat up.
• Turn off your heater and cover your pool with a solar pool blanket for periods when it is not being used.
• Shelter your pool from the wind using fencing and shrubbery

Other forms of pool heating, such as heat pumps and solar energy pumps are becoming more popular.

Maintenance Check-ups for Pool Heaters

To keep your pool in top shape we would recommend getting a maintenance check-up from specialists, such as Ignite Facilities, at least once a season.
The cost of maintaining a swimming pool heater is a lot lower compared to the cost of replacing it before its time.

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