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Upgrading Your Shower with Ignite Facilities

24 February 2020
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Upgrading Your Shower with Ignite Facilities

Upgrading your shower is a pivotal part of remodelling your bathroom, which adds more value to your home than many other areas.

While remodels can be quite expensive, with some time and a sprinkle of creativity we can help you to make some nice updates on a budget.

Ignite Facilities are the leading plumbers across Staffordshire who can provide all the updates you need for your bathroom. Here we are going to discuss how our plumbers will upgrade your shower.

Transform Your Bathroom

Here are five ways remodelling your shower will completely transform the way you look at your bathroom.

Creative Use of Tiles – One simple way to update your floor tiles, is adding mosaics in between in your floor. Simply pull out some of the existing tile squares and replace them with complementary coloured mosaics.
When re-tiling an entire wall, we would recommend using expensive tiles strategically. Using higher quality tiles will become the focal point and give the room a more luxurious look without breaking your budget.
Heated Towel Rails – It is a great feeling to have a nice warm towel when stepping out of the bath and shower. Heated towel rails are inexpensive and easy to install plus you can get hard-wired electrical options or central heating models which can replace your radiator and come with a programmable timer.
Qualified plumbers from Ignite Facilities can help with the installation of heated towel rails.
Wall Mirrors and Cabinets – A new wall hung illuminated mirror, regular mirror or a cabinet will help to spruce up your bathroom. The mirrored surfaces will also create a feeling of more space.
Bath Panels – Replacing a bath or tiled panel can help inject some life into your bathroom. Wooden, plastic and MDF panels can show wear and tear over time and be replaced really easily.
Install Stone Countertops – Man-made stone resin is cheaper than granite and other natural stone countertop materials, replacing tired laminated worktops.

Talk to Us for Shower Upgrades

If you are considering upgrading the look of your shower or bath, get in touch with Ignite Facilities for all your plumbing requirements.