How Radiant Heating Works

Radiant heating is by no means a new concept. The most basic form of radiant heating is feeling the warmth of the sun and it’s invisible infrared rays when you go outdoors.
Radiant heat uses invisible electromagnetic infrared waves to heat you with heat sources taking many forms such as a fire in a fireplace.
This produces radiant heat, as does a fireplace insert, a wood stove, portable electric heaters, electric quartz heaters and radiators connected to a central boiler.
Ignite Facilities have a wealth of experience, installing radiant heating solutions to domestic and commercial properties right across Stoke on Trent.
Radiant heating can be based in homes through radiant tubing that snakes through concrete slabs, making the entire floor a giant radiant panel that heats everyone and everything in the space.

Advantages of Using Radiant Heating

Here are just a handful of reasons to have radiant heating installed in your property –

• Silent
• Clean
• Comfortable
• No ducts to clean
• Efficient
• It requires minimal maintenance

The major benefit of radiant heating is the ability to zone your house, with minimal effort. With some additional expense, you can have groups of rooms in individual zones, which allows them to be different temperatures at different times. If you only use a handful of rooms in your home, you can just heat those rooms in that particular zone which will help you save on your heating bills.

The cost of operating a radiant heating system that uses a central boiler and one or more recirculating pumps is quite minimal, but there many different radiant systems to choose from, with many using different fuel sources.
Different fuel types will cost more than others, for example, you may live in an area where fuel prices are based on heat output.
Our team of Gas Engineers can install radiant heating in your existing home, whereas some homeowners may opt for wall radiators instead. For new builds, our Gas-Safe registered engineers can install plastic piping that will deliver hot water to each of your rooms in no time!

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