Commercial Plumbing and Gas

The supply of gas and water within a commercial setting is an essential part of your business premises. The plumbing system is vital for heating, hygiene and sanitation, and having a fully operational system requires the skills and expertise of fully accredited gas and plumbing engineers. To be certain of the high safety standards and skills we adhere to we are listed on the Gas Safe Register. Our engineers carry the Gas Safe ID as proof of identity and the qualifications needed to carry out this work.

Domestic Plumbing and Gas

Domestic plumbing is the system of pipes, valves, tanks, radiators and fixtures which delivers our water and gas in its fluid form to and around our homes. It’s often taken for granted, until it stops working! Ensuring that the water and gas supply for your home is operating safely and effectively requires experienced and fully qualified plumbers and gas engineers. Ignite Facilities Ltd are experts in all aspects of domestic plumbing from the upgrade and installation of bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities, to radiators and heating, and more.

Commercial Plumber

Domestic Plumber

Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Plumber

If you’ve never encountered any problems with your plumbing it can be difficult to identify the tell-tale signs you have a problem only a plumber can fix.
Here are some of the most common ones to look out for –

Gurgling Sounds – If your washing machine is making weird gurgling sounds this could be a sign of a blockage. You will need a plumber to check your pipes if the noise gets louder as blocked pipes can lead to leaks and in rare cases can lead to a collapsed pipes.

The Plunger Doesn’t Work – If your toilet is blocked and the plunger is having no effect this means there is probably a blockage further down the pipe that the plunger can’t reach. Our qualified plumbers will use a toilet snake or other specialist equipment to remove the blockage and get your toilet working again.

Sinks and Baths Don’t Drain – If your sinks and baths aren’t draining and regular remedies aren’t doing the trick, your next call should be to the plumbers here at Ignite Facilities. Standing water isn’t hygienic and also provides breeding grounds for bugs.

Never-Ending Drips – If you close your taps really tight and dripping still persists this could lead to a sizeable water bill and add up to 3000 gallons of wasted water a year. Getting a plumber to fix this problem will prevent your money literally going down the drain.

Frozen Pipes – Your pipes contain plenty of water but when this freezes it will expand and crack the pipes. Sometimes pipes damaged by freezing water can’t be repaired so getting a second opinion from a trained plumber can get the water moving again. We would strongly recommend not trying a D.I.Y attempt to thaw out the pipes as if the pipes warm up too fast they’re just as likely to crack as they are when full of ice.

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Plumbing and Gas Services from Ignite Facilities Ltd

Ignite Facilities Ltd provide a complete range of services for the installation and maintenance of:

Water Heating
Process Plumbing Supplies
Water Boosting and Pressurisation
Pipework Installation & Commissioning
Water Hygiene Monitoring
Catering Equipment
Mobile Catering Units
Process Gas Equipment
Service Contracts and PPM
Bathroom & Shower Upgrades
Kitchen & Laundry Upgrades
Solar Fed Hot Water
Water Leaks
Emergency Response

To discuss your gas and plumbing requirements further or to book an engineer, please contact us.

Speak to us for Plumbing and Emergency Plumbers

At Ignite Facilities Ltd we have established plumbers in the Staffordshire area. Our plumbers complete emergency call-outs as well as a full range of other domestic and commercial services.

We’re proud of our work and have built our reputation on honesty, reliability and excellent workmanship. If you’d like to discuss a quote for our plumbing services – please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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