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How Qualified Plumbers Repair Shower Valves

20 April 2020
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How Qualified Plumbers Repair Shower Valves

The sound of a leaky shower is one of those annoying sounds which can be hard to get out of your head.

Shower leaks are one of the most common household problems that will waste plenty of your water and in turn, money if not dealt with. A qualified plumber such as Ignite Facilities can help you to repair your shower, no matter which part has stopped working.

Here we are going to talk you through the process of repairing shower valves.

Five Steps to Repairing Shower Valves

The faucet is one of the most common places for a shower leak, which is caused by a worn-out washer on the shower stem that will need replacing.

Our plumbers will follow this five-step guide to fix this issue –

Turn off the Water Supply – First, we will turn off the water supply at the water main, then open the shower faucet, releasing the remaining water out.

Disassemble the Valve – The shower valve handle and escutcheon plate (metal cover) will need to be removed to access the internal components of your shower. We will remove the shower valve handle with a screwdriver, to loosen the centre screw. When the handle is removed, we will unscrew the escutcheon plate from the shower as well, making sure the screws don’t fall into the shower or into your waste.

Replacing the Washers – All the valve washers, o-rings and seals will be removed and replaced to optimise your shower’s performance. We will also check the valve stem to see if it is damaged, as your shower could carry on leaking if this is the case.

Put the Valve Back Together – The pipes will need cleaning with a mix of vinegar and hot water, which can be used to clean the showerhead. The shower valve handle and the escutcheon plate will now need to be put back together.

Testing Your Shower – Your shower should be leak-free now. We will then turn the water back on and recommend running your shower for a couple of minutes to ensure the leak is fixed.

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