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Plumbers Guide to Removing a Bathroom Sink

2 March 2020
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Plumbers Guide to Removing a Bathroom Sink

If you are considering a new look for your bathroom, you could also be thinking about replacing your old bathroom sink with a slick new model.

Bathroom sink removal is a project that can be quite complex and is best completed by qualified plumbers, such as Ignite Facilities.
In our latest blog, we are going to talk you through the removal of a bathroom sink.

7 Steps to Successful Sink Removal

1. Turn the Water Off – Look behind the sink for shut-off valves and turn the valves until water stops running from the faucet. If the shut-off valves are harder to find, the water supply needs to be turned off at the water main. This valve controls the water supply to your entire home.

2. Disconnect Water Supply Lines – Our plumbers will use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the water supply lines from the sink. Water supply lines are flexible tubes which connect the sink to water pipes. The adjustable wrench loosens the collars found at the end of the supply lines.

3. Remove the P-Trap – The P-trap is a U-shaped part of the drainpipe. Our plumbers will use pliers to loosen the nuts holding the trap in place to remove it. We will then place a small bucket under the work area that will catch any water remaining in the trap.

4. Remove Clips – The clips that fasten the sink to countertop need loosening and removing. Clips that can’t be pulled off can be broken off. When removing from a pedestal sink, the plumber will need to use an adjustable wrench which removes the bolts that fasten the sink to the wall.

5. Cut Away the Sealant – Sealant found between the edge of the bathroom sink and the counter needs to be cut away using a utility knife to loosen it. Sealant could also have been used between the back of a pedestal sink and the wall which also needs removing.

6. Remove the Sink – The sink will be removed by pulling it straight up if it is a countertop sink or away from the wall if it is a wall-mounted sink. If your sink is resisting, we will check that all mounting clips or bolts have been removed.

7. Disconnect the Backsplash – We will use a putty knife or pry bar to disconnect the backsplash from the wall if you have requested the entire countertop to be removed. Some bathroom sinks are built into countertops, which means you will need the entire counter removing to replace the sink. With the backsplash loosened, we will be able to lift off the countertop.

Got any Questions? Get in Touch

If you have any questions about removing a bathroom sink, please contact us today.

Ignite Facilities also provide an emergency plumbing service for those issues that just can’t wait. Our team will strive to attend the same day you get in touch with us and plan out a suitable timetable based on the type of emergency.