Here for all your Pipework Requirements

If you need new pipework installing, one of Ignite Facilities’ high-skilled plumbers will be able to help. While you are solely responsible for the installation and maintenance of all plumbing inside your home, we would always recommend getting in touch with a trained plumber (such as Ignite Facilities) for any pipework issues.

We also offer an emergency call-out service, which we will strive to attend and secure your emergency that very same day, with any further works planned and then carried out in a timescale to suit you.

Understanding your Pipework

Here we are going to give you a better idea about all of the pipework in and around your home.

The Water Supply Pipe – For most homeowners, the water supply pipe runs from the edge of their property boundary and ends at the stop valve inside your home. The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the maintenance of the water supply pipe. If you are on shared water supply, then you and your neighbours are jointly responsible for all maintenance of plumbing.

Stop Valve – The stop valve is the control for the water supply and is located within the boundary of your property. This allows you to switch off your water supply if you are doing plumbing work or if a pipe bursts. This will be typically located under a sink (usually your kitchen sink) or in a garage (wherever the mains supply enters your home).

Stopcock and Water Meter – A stopcock and water meter (if you have one) is located at the end of the communication pipe. The stopcock is where you would access your water supply to carry out any necessary work or checks. If you have a water meter it would also be located here and measures the amount of water entering your property.

Communication Pipe – The water communication pipe starts at the water main in your street and runs to the edge of your property boundary where it meets the stopcock.

Water Main – The water main is the main public water supply pipe into the local area and can vary in size. Large water main is known as a ‘strategic’ or ‘trunk’ main, with both maintained by your water supplier.

Got a Problem with Your Pipework? Get in Touch

If you have any issues with your home’s pipework, get in touch with Ignite Facilities and we can book an appointment to come and see you. We work with clients right across Newcastle under Lyme an Stoke on Trent.