Ignite Facilities have a wealth of experience installing LPG, oil and natural gas boilers to a wide range of domestic and commercial properties right across Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme.

Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers can offer you industry advice, to choose the best boilers to suit your property and your budget.

Whether you choose a heating oil or LPG boiler, they both work in a similar way to a natural gas boiler. The main difference is that the fuel used is stored on-site rather than coming off ‘the grid’. This fuel is used to heat water in the boiler, which is then used for hot water or heating the home via a central heating system.

Choosing between Oil or LPG Boilers

Heating oil is a liquid and is considered generally cheaper than LPG.

LPG can be used as a fuel for your oven and hob, gas fire, whereas heating oil is more restricted to the boiler only. The boilers themselves are very similar, whereas the important difference comes with costs and charges for the various fuels.

Advantages of Oil/LPG Heating

• Widely available
• Easy to maintain
• Cheap to install compared to some greener technologies

Efficient Home Heating with Natural Gas Boilers

Natural gas boiler meet the hot water needs of many homeowners; fuelled by natural gas, of the cheapest fuels available for home heating. If you are unsure about the sustainability of a natural gas boiler, here are some advantages to consider –

Energy Efficient – Natural gas is one of the most efficient fuels for boiler operation. To reaffirm this, the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rate of natural gas boilers is estimated at 90 per cent.
Cost-Effective – Natural gas is one of the cheapest fuels for hot water supply, with prices remaining fairly stable throughout the year. Maintenance costs for natural gas fuelled boilers are also low, which contributed to the overall economic nature of the gas boiler.
Convenience – You won’t need a storage tank on-site for reserve gas supplies as your gas is supplied into your home in the same way as your municipal water supply. Natural gas also heats quicker than electricity.
• Dependable – As long as you are connected to a gas line your supply will be available and won’t be disrupted by cold weather when demands can run high. With electricity, power outages can disrupt your hot water supply.
Eco-Friendly – Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels for boiler operations and doesn’t generate dirty emissions like coal or oil plus you won’t get unpleasant odours when it burns. Emission of greenhouse gases is considerably lower with a natural gas boiler, making it an environmentally friendly fuel for residential boilers.

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