Commercial Heating

The world of commercial heating is diverse and complex requiring a set of specialist skills and qualifications in order to work safely. When it comes to installing, servicing and maintaining anything related to commercial heating, Ignite Facilities Ltd are your trusted experts. We understand that a fully operational heating system is essential across all commercial operations, but is particularly critical in the realms of healthcare, nursing homes and schools and education. Ignite Facilities Ltd can deliver a comprehensive pre-planned maintenance programme to reduce the likelihood of heating break down. To discuss your commercial heating requirements or to book an expert heating engineer, please contact us.

Domestic Heating

Keeping our homes warm, especially through the colder months is essential to the health and well being of the occupants and helps to prevent damp and other related problems. Having a safe, effective and efficient domestic heating system is not only essential to our comfort but is a legal requirement if you are a landlord. You can be confident that Ignite Facilities Ltd work is fully compliant with the highest safety standards. We can install anything heating related from a new boiler or upgrade your central heating system, to checking and fixing gas leaks and more. To book our services, please get in touch today!

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Common Boiler Problems We Can Fix

The majority of boiler breakdowns occur during colder winter months which is because it has been inactive for long periods. By being forced back to life puts considerable strain on your central heating system as it works to heat your home during the winter.

Here are some of the common problems that only a heating engineer can fix –

No Heat or Water – Causes for no heat or hot water include broken diaphragms and airlocks, the failure of motorised valves, low water levels or issues with the thermostat. If you think you’ve got a broken diaphragm, airlock or valve you will need this replaced with a new part. By giving one of our Gas Safe engineers a call we will be able to thoroughly diagnose the issue and replace broken parts if required.

Leaking and Dripping – There can be a variety of reasons why your boiler is leaking water and determining the cause will depend on where the water is leaking from. The most common cause of a boiler leaking is a broken internal component such as a pressure valve or pump seal. If the leak is coming from the pressure valve this could mean the boiler pressure is too high.

Alternatively, if it’s coming from the pump seal it could become worn out over time and need replacing. If you find out your boiler is leaking around the pipes or tank this can come as the result of corrosion or in some cases the system hasn’t been fitted properly.

Kettling – If you start to hear a rumbling noise when your kettle is boiling this comes from a build-up of limescale or sludge on your boiler’s heat exchanger and is commonly referred to as kettling. When this builds up in your boiler, they can restrict the flow of water within the heat exchanger overheating water causing it to steam and boil.

Kettling can be more common in areas with hard water but also affects boilers in soft water areas This causes your boiler to work harder meaning they cost more to run and shorten the system’s life. If your kettle is kettling we’d advise giving our team of Gas Safe registered engineers a call to get your system working properly again in no time!

Pilot Light Goes Out – The pilot light is a small blue flame that is kept alight to light a larger burner and if it keeps going out then this could be caused by one of the following –
• A broken thermocouple that stops the gas supply
• A draught blowing the pilot light out
• A deposit built up in the pilot light

Before we find out the issue with the pilot light we will check if there are any issues with your gas supply. For example, if your gas stopcock is on but your boiler isn’t receiving any gas or if your other gas appliances aren’t working then you need to contact your gas supplier. Getting a trained Gas Safe Engineer is the safest option to fix any of these issues.

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Low Boiler Pressure – To check the pressure of your boiler simply look at the built-in pressure gauge and if the needle is below 1 then there may be a problem with low boiler pressure meaning your central heating system won’t function properly.

Here are some of the reasons this could be happening:

• A water leak in the system
• The pressure relief valve needs replacing
• Recently bled radiators
One of our registered engineers will begin by checking for a visible leak in the system and if this doesn’t work, we will look at re-pressurising the system.

Frozen Condensation Pipe – Combi, system or regular condensing boilers have a condensate pipe which moves acidic water caused by waster gas away from the boiler.
If your condensate pipe has frozen your boiler will probably display a fault code or a warning notification. The condensate pipe is a plastic pipe that leads outside your property into a drain.

There are many ways to thaw your condensate pipe but for your own safety, we would recommend calling a qualified engineer to identify and fix the problem.

Identifying Strange Noises – If you are hearing banging, whistling or gurgling noises from your boiler this could mean the water pressure is too low or it’s kettling. A strange banging noise in older systems could be caused by imminent pump failure. If you’re not sure what the noise means, please get in touch and we can help you identify it.

My Radiator Isn’t Heating Up – If your radiator isn’t heating then there could be a build-up of sludge or air in the system. If just the bottom of your radiator is getting hot it could be time to bleed your radiator.

When certain radiators aren’t getting hot then your radiator may need balancing with the process involves adjusting the valves on all the radiators in your property which will ensure each gets enough hot water to work effectively.
A professional engineer will remove the build-ups by chemically cleaning or flushing the system.

Professional Heating Services from Ignite Facilities Ltd

Ignite Facilities Ltd provide a complete range of services for the installation and maintenance of:

Boilers & Warm Air Heating
Radiant Heating
Pipework Installation & Commissioning
LPG – Oil – Natural Gas
Installation, Service and Maintenance
Air Quality Monitoring
Control Upgrades
Service Contracts and PPM
Central Heating Upgrades
Smart Heating Controls
Fires & Cookers
New Installations
Landlord Certificates
Gas Leaks
Emergency Response

Speak to our Heating Engineers Today

Our team our heating engineers at Ignite Facilities Ltd are accredited by a number of registered organisations. Our work is certified, so when it comes to servicing or maintaining your heating systems, you’re in a safe pair of hands.

If you would like to discuss and arrange a quote from us, please get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to help in the best way possible.

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