Find Out More About Your Heating Controls

If your existing heating controls are not working properly, you could discover that it’s costing you more than it should be heating your home or office building. Ignite Facilities have a team of highly-skilled gas engineers who can help with upgrades to your heating.

When referring to central heating controls, we talk about the following:

Room Thermostat – Often located on the ground floor of a building, and in larger properties, a second thermostat can often be found upstairs as well.
Programmer – The programming unit will be found in the kitchen of most properties near to the boiler (if this is accessible) or sometimes in the airing cupboard.
Timer – The timer turns your boiler or hot water on or off at set times, such as when you are at work, and on ready for when you come home from work.

Can I save money upgrading my heating controls?

Having modern versions of any of the aforementioned controls will help you keep your rooms at a more even temperature. This allows you better control over when you want your heating or hot water to come on or go off. In turn, this will mean you use less ‘fuel’ and save pennies in the long run.

How Much Will it Cost to upgrade central heating controls?

Upgrading your heating controls can be as straight-forward as changing a programmer or thermostat to a complete replacement of controls, which could take significantly longer. If you would like a quote on upgrading your heating controls, please get in touch.

What Advanced Heating Controls are available?

The following features will give you full control of your heating and make it adaptable to the changing weather conditions.

  • Intelligent Heating Controllers – Combining several basic controls, intelligent heating controllers can learn how long it takes for a house to heat up in different weather. They will also allow for different temperature settings between day and night.
  • Weather Compensators – Measuring the temperature either internally or externally, weather compensators can also delay switching on the central heating on mild days.
  • Full Zone Control – The majority of homes have a single heating zone, with the only controls in the rooms being thermostatic radiator valves. When you have a new central heating system installed, it’s possible to fit full zone control that has separate pipe loops and thermostats for two (or more areas). This can significantly save the amounts of fuel in larger houses.
  • Smart Thermostats – Smart thermostats can be controlled through a tablet or mobile phone, meaning you can adjust your heating when you are out of your home or from your sofa.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you would like to arrange for one of our team to come and prepare an estimate to upgrade your central heating controls and discuss the options available to you, please contact us today.

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