Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, landlords are legally required to make sure the gas appliances, fittings and chimneys or flues in your rental property are safe for your tenants.

Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

If you rent out a property, you’re legally obliged to have a gas safety check carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer such as Ignite Facilities. Our engineer will record the details of the check on a Landlord Gas Safety Record (sometimes referred to as a CP12 certificate) with copies for you and your tenants.
Even if your tenants don’t use the gas but there is a live supply to your property it will still need to be checked.

Arranging a Gas Safety Check

Gas installations in your rental property will need to be checked every year and should be some time in the 10th or 12th month following the previous year’s check. If the check was completed earlier or later than this 10-12 month window, your next gas safety check should take place 12 months from the current one.

Our gas engineer will give you a copy of your Gas Safety Record form and include the results of tests they’ve carried out on the gas appliances in your property. As a landlord you will need to provide a copy for your tenant and for new tenants, they will need a copy before they move in. Existing tenants need a copy within 28 days of the check taking place.

Receiving Your Gas Safety Certificate

You can get a gas safety certificate (or Gas Safety Record form) by booking an appointment with one of our Gas Safe registered engineers. We will do a visual check on all of your gas appliances, and pipework that is accessible to make sure they are in good condition then we will conduct a test on the pipework to make sure there are no gas leaks.

Your Gas Safety form will include the following:

• A description and location of each appliance or flue the engineer has checked
• The engineer’s name, registration number and signature
• The date on which the check was carried out
• The address of the property being checked
• The landlord’s (or their agent’s) name and address
• Any safety defect the engineer has found, and any action needed or taken to fix it
• Confirmation of the results of the operational safety checks carried out on the appliances

By law, you are required to make sure the pipework in your rental property is kept in safe working order. Your Gas Engineer can record the results of these tests to show whether or not your pipework is safe. While tenants are responsible for their own gas appliances, you are still responsible for the pipework they’re connected to.

Gas Safety certificates don’t have a fixed price as the cost is dependent on your choice of a gas engineer. If you’d like to know how much Ignite Facilities charge for certificates, please get in touch today.

What is a Gas Safe registered engineer?

The Gas Safe register lists every gas business that is legally allowed to carry out gas work, with each engineer from these firms (such as Ignite Facilities) carrying a Gas Safe ID card.

Reliable Gas Engineers from Ignite Facilities

Ignite Facilities have a wealth of experience helping landlords gain a Gas Safety Certificate for their properties. If you’d like to know more about our Gas Engineers, please contact us today.

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