Understanding Service Contracts

Ignite Facilities have a team of qualified gas engineers that can advise you about the best type of boiler service contract for you.
Having boiler cover is an important policy which can be taken out in the event it breaks down and gives you the peace of mind that a Gas-Safe registered engineer (such as Ignite Facilities) will be able to assess and attempt to fix the problem.

Some policies include boiler servicing, meaning a gas engineer will annually service your boiler to ensure it’s in great working condition.

Other areas your boiler policy can help with are –

• Central heating repairs
• Plumbing and drainage repairs
• Electrical wiring
• Pests in your home

How Does Boiler Cover Work?

Your policy will cover you for boiler repairs, including labour and spare parts plus extras included in the policy; although this does depend on your provider.
Please note that –

– There may be limits on how long your gas engineer can spend on repairs
– There could also be a restriction on how many claims you can make during a year
– Waiting periods where you can’t claim, according to your policy
– Some boilers might not be covered if they are too old or can’t be economically repaired

Do I Need Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover is sometimes part of your home insurance, so it’s worth investigating if you already have cover in place before taking out another policy. If you are renting a property, boiler cover should be your landlord’s responsibility – though you might want to take out your own policy if your Landlord gives their permission.

It’s sensible to have boiler cover in place if possible, as many providers have waiting periods, as previously mentioned, where you won’t be able to start claiming. This is to discourage people from taking out their own cover during an emergency – therefore it’s important to make sure your policy means you won’t be without heating and hot water if something goes wrong.

What Types of Boiler Cover are Available?

There are two main types of boiler available –

Boiler Breakdown Cover – This only protects the boiler and its controls
Full Central Heating Cover – Full central heating cover also protects you against everything connected to your boiler, including radiators and plumbing
Some deals for both of these types of cover could include a boiler service at no additional cost or a small fee, so comparing policies will help you find the best deal for you.

Do I Lose Boiler Cover If I Change Energy Supplier?

If you decide to switch energy supplier, you won’t need to worry about boiler cover as the two are completely independent. This may not be the case if you have taken boiler cover out with your energy supplier, so we would recommend contacting them to make sure.

Got Any Questions? Get in Touch

If you have any questions about gas service contracts or how to calculate your PPM, please contact Ignite Facilities today.

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