Latest News Electrical Emergencies During Lockdown Explained

Electrical Emergencies During Lockdown Explained

7 April 2020
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Electrical Emergencies During Lockdown Explained

During the Coronavirus lockdown, it is important to distinguish the types of electrical emergencies that Ignite Facilities can help you with.

As a ‘Key Worker’ we are still able to carry out necessary gas, plumbing and electrical work for customers across Stoke on Trent.

For our latest blog, we are going to discuss three areas that we can still offer support.

Three Different Types of Electrical Emergencies

1. Power Cuts – Power cuts can be annoying at the best of times, but they could also mean there is a fault with your home’s electrics. Sometimes it can be a case of flicking the relevant switch in your fuse box, but by calling experts such as Ignite Facilities you will be assured of the best course of action. Our qualified electricians will diagnose the problem and provide a quick fix, or if required, escalate the issue to your electricity provider.

2. Flickering Lights – If your lights are flickering, buzzing or not turning on and off, this could mean the wattage is wrong. There could also be a bad connection between the bulb and the switch. If simply replacing the bulb does not work, Ignite Facilities will be able to establish the cause of the problem and get your lights shining again in no time.

3. Electrical Device Arcing – If you detect a strange fishy smell from a switch or wall socket, this could mean the electrical device’s circuit has been damaged. This is commonly known as ‘arcing’, which means the electricity can jump to complete circuit which can lead to fires.

Emergency Repairs from Ignite Facilities

If you have any of the electrical issues mentioned above, please contact Ignite Facilities.

Please note while social distancing is still in place we have adapted our working practices, which you can find about it in one of our latest blogs.

Don’t forget we also offer emergency plumbing and gas repairs for customers across Stoke on Trent.