Are you considering a Warm Air Heating system in your home?

Ignite Facilities are the leading supplier of warm air heating systems for properties right across Stoke on Trent. Our team of Gas-Safe registered engineers have years of experience of installations right across the city.

The warm air boiler and heating system (also known as ducted air systems) rose in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s but as boiler technology changed they became largely outdated by water-filled radiator systems.

Modern-day air systems have moved with the times and are fast becoming a popular choice for homeowners again.

What is a warm air heating system?

Warm air heating systems use a vent to pull in heat from the outside air and heats it over a gas flame. The warm air then circulates via ducts, vents or grills that are located throughout your home and are often managed by a thermostat.

Ignite Facilities offer three types of warm air heating system –

Gas Fired – This is simply a system that warms cold air over a gas flame.

Air Source Heat Pump – Air source heat pumps are the equivalent of an air conditioning unit cooling the air inside but in reverse. They are able to extract heat from even colder temperatures which heat rooms around your home.

Ground Source Heat Pump – Located just below ground level a ground source heat pump is a constant supply of heat which keeps your home warm with air warming and passing through pipes buried underground.

Advantages of Warm Air Heating Systems

There are plenty of benefits to having a warm air heating system in your home.

• A modernised air system provides fast warm-up times and will heat your home up in no time.
• Warm air heating systems eliminate the need for radiators which gives you more freedom in terms of your room layout.
• They are renowned for their quiet operation meaning your home will not be disturbed by unwelcome noises.
• This type of system is very energy efficient with running costs up to 18% lower than other types of heating systems.
• Some modernised warm air heating systems have electronic controls giving you greater control of your energy use and ensuring a stable temperature throughout your property.
• Warm air systems can offer electronic filtration that regularly removes 95% of all airborne particles such as human and pet hair, pollen and bacteria.

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