Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning covers a variety of sectors and is important for regulating the temperature of a variety of working environments. This enables colleagues and customers to remain comfortable at premises and temperature-sensitive products to remain within a consistent ambient range. Whether you are a business which is office-based, a retailer, industrial and logistics focused or provide a service or experience within the leisure, tourism and recreational industries, air conditioning is integral to your working environment.

Explaining Business Air Conditioning

Most air conditioning systems are made up of individual indoor and outdoor units; with both containing coils and fans. They are connected in a loop with tubing containing refrigerant and a compressor which squeezes the refrigerant entering the outside unit. Your indoor unit works by moving air and absorbing heat into the refrigerant in this coil.
The refrigerant is then circulated outside through your outdoor unit. Air conditioning systems don’t add cool air but instead, remove heat from the air and blow it outside.
Making sure both your indoor and outdoor units are well maintained will help to make sure your air conditioning runs safely and efficiently.

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If you have a commercial air conditioning system which requires regular testing and PPM, or your system is now inefficient and obsolete, Ignite Facilities team of engineers are fully qualified and experienced to provide highly skilled and professional solutions. To discuss your requirements and to find out more, please contact us today.

Domestic Air Conditioning

Whether you are a private homeowner or a Landlord with a property portfolio such as a block of flats, or a subdivided larger building. An effective air conditioning and ventilation system will help direct the flow of air and regulate the temperature for occupants.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairing

Here are some of the common signs that your air conditioning may need repairing or servicing –
Leaking Water – The reason an air conditioning unit leaking water is because the unit hasn’t been serviced or the condensation pumped has failed. This type of service is a relatively quick job to repair for our team of specialists.
Loss of Performance – If your unit isn’t working at an optimum level this could be because it is dirty and may require a deep cleansing whereas a more in-depth inspection could identify a leak.
Prone to Freezing – If your air conditioning is dripping water onto the floor looks like it is freezing up you will need to give our team of engineers a call. As soon as you notice this sort of issues we recommend getting in touch as if this problem continues your unit will fail and may need replacing.
Stale Odours – A/C units produce condensate (water) which runs through the system and is eventually removed. This water mixed with different types of temperature can produce bacteria on the coils which in turn creates stale odours. Regular service with the best chemicals will help prevent this.
Poor Airflow – When it starts to feel like your unit isn’t as powerful as it once was, this could be due to a faulty fan motor (especially if it is quite loud). If filters for the indoor unit are dirty or grime is attached to the blades then a deep clean will help solve this problem.

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Ignite Facilities Ltd can advise you on the most suitable HVAC system for domestic purposes and provide expert installation and maintenance. Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced, adhering to the most stringent of safety practices in relation to the installation of air conditioning units and systems. To discuss your requirements and to find out more, please contact us today.



Domestic Air Conditioning




commercial air conditioning

Experts in Installation and Servicing of Air Conditioning

Ignite Facilities Ltd are experts in the Installation Service and Maintenance of air conditioning systems. Should your system fail to work properly or break down, we provide a thorough and effective Fault Finding and Emergency Response service. In order to prevent the likelihood of this happening we also provide organisations with Service Contracts and Planned Preventative Maintenance (also known as PPM) schedules.

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For a full quotation or to discuss your air conditioning installation or servicing. No matter your requirements or sector the team at Ignite Facilities Ltd has the solution for you.

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